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The Individual Law Office “Kiss Oszkár” activates in accordance with the Law and Statute of The Legal Profession within the Bar Association of Cluj County- member of the Romanian National Bar Union.

The holder of the law office is Kiss Oszkár, bachelor of law, graduate of the Law Faculty within the “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca. Kiss Oszkár is also a graduate of the National Institution for the Preparation and Development of Attorneys. He possesses a masters’ degree in the Private Law of the European Union and he was a trainee lawyer specializing in Civil and Commercial Law.

Kiss Oszkár is a qualified lawyer who can plead in front of the Courts and can offer legal consultancy in Romanian, Hungarian and in English based on the clients’ needs.

The activity of the Law Office “Kiss Oszkár” is based on:

  1. Consultancy and legal pleas made of:
  • Formalizing and/or supplying, by all means, of legal opinions and of information regarding the problems that require analyzing;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions;
  • Drafting of legal acts (contracts, accords, statutes, etc.) and assisting at their negotiations; participating, in accordance with the laws, as consultants during the activities of the deliberative organs of legal entities; other consultancies in the legal domain.
  1. Assistance and representation in front of the Courts, the investigative organs, the authorities with jurisdictional duties, the notary publics, judicial executors, and in front of the organs of public administration and other institutions and legal entities.
  2. Drafting of legal instruments, certification of the identities of the parties, of the content and date of the acts presented for authentication.
  3. Assistance and representation of natural persons and of legal entities in front of the authorities with the possibility of certificating their identities or of the content and date of the drafted acts.
  4. Defending and representation, by specific judicial means, of the rights and legit interests of natural persons and of legal entities regarding their relations with the authorities, with other institutions and with Romanian or foreign persons.
  5. Mediation.
  6. Fiduciary activities based on the depositing of financial funds and goods resulting from the valorification or execution of enforceable titles resulted from successions and liquidations, placing and capitalization of these, administration of the funds these values were placed in.
  7. Temporary positioning on companies’ headquarters at the headquarters’ of the attorney.