For the legal activities in the name of the client, there are fees that can be assessed in the following ways:

  • per hour;
  • settled fees;
  • success fees;
  • combinations of the above mentioned fees.


The fees are ascertained by the difficulty and by the required time for the resolving of the case.

The lawyer’s fees are fixed by taking into consideration the following elements:

  • the time and volume of the needed work for the execution of the given mandate or of the activity solicited by the client;
  • the nature, the originality and the difficulty of the case;
  • the importance of the interests in certain cases;
  • the circumstance that accepting the given mandate of a client restrains the solicitor from taking another mandate from another person, whenever this circumstance can be assessed by the client without further investigations;
  • notoriety, titles, seniority, experience, reputation and the specialty of the lawyer;
  • working alongside experts and other specialists, given by the nature, object, complexity and the difficulty of the case;
  • the advantages and results obtained for the profit of the client, as results of the work of the lawyer;
  • the time enforcements in which the lawyer is obliged by the circumstances of the case to take action to ensure the performance of the legal services.