Labor Law

August 24, 2021 renata-owm 0 Comments

  • consultancy regarding the work relations, and the obligations of employers and employees;
  • consultancy in the closing of individual work contracts;
  • drafting, assistance and legal representation in the execution, modification (delegation, detachment, etc), interruption and ceasing of individual work contracts, and regarding the clauses of individual work contracts (confidentiality, non-compete, mobility);
  • assistance of natural persons and of legal entities in front of the Rumanian competent authorities in labor law;
  • assistance and representation during work litigations in front of the Courts;
  • assistance and representation in litigations concerning the repairing of damages suffered by the employee, repairing of damages suffered by the employer;
  • assistance and representation in litigations regarding the liability of the employees in the violation of the clauses of the work contract;
  • assistance and representation in the formulating of legal contests against the decisions of dismissal of the employees and against the decisions of applying disciplinary sanctions.

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