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Legal services / areas of activities:

The Individual Law Office “Kiss Oszkár” offers special legal services to natural persons and companies in the following areas:

Commercial and Company Law:

  • Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the organization and functioning of companies and organizations;
  • Formations of companies;
  • Legal consultancy for obtaining specific counsels for functioning;
  • Assistance and representation during operations at the Office of the Register of Companies;
  • Drafting and certification of commercial contracts;
  • Drafting of forming and additional acts, divestitury contracts, contracts for free leasing, assertions of personal liability, decisions of the sole associate, decisions of the general assembly of associates or of shareholders, and of other modifications of the forming acts of companies;
  • Assistance at negotiations regarding contracts and transactions;
  • Notification and contacting of debtors;
  • Retrieval of debts by the procedure of pay order;
  • Assistance and representation in transboundary litigations;
  • Retrieval of debts by the means of European pay summons;
  • Assistance and representation in the procedures of enforcement;
  • Participating at the General Assembly of Associates or Shareholders in order to provide the required legal support in the decision-making process;
  • Establishment and modification of companies’ headquarters, extending contracts regarding the headquarters;
  • Formation / radiation of work centers, branches, subsidiaries, agencies;
  • Transfer of shares;
  • Appointment, revocation and change of administrators;
  • Appointment, modification of censors;
  • Increase and compression of corporate funds;
  • Judicial re-organization and bankruptcy procedures.

Administrative and fiscal disputed claims:

  • Legal assistance regarding the clients’ relations with the local and central public authorities
  • Consultancy regarding the opportunity, assistance, drafting, representation in lawsuits against the organs of public administration;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the preliminary administrative procedures during the attack of administrative and fiscal acts (preliminary complaints, appeals), and during the disputed procedures in front of the competent Courts;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance at the closing/modification/execution of administrative contracts and representation during the procedures of closing/suspending/annulment of administrative acts;
  • Legal consultancy in the matters of taxes and duties;
  • Legal assistance, consultancy and representation of natural persons and of legal entities during the procedures of enforcement of fiscal debts;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the matter of sanctions; drafting of legal contests against fines.

Assistance and representation during the procedures of enforcement:

  • Investment with enforceable form of acts that need, in accordance with the law, this kind of form;
  • Representation and assistance in front of the judicial executors;
  • Postponing, suspending, restrictions, ceasing of enforcements;
  • Appeals of executions.

Labor Law:

  • Consultancy regarding the work relations, and the obligations of employers and employees;
  • Consultancy in the closing of individual work contracts;
  • Drafting, assistance and legal representation in the execution, modification (delegation, detachment, etc), interruption and ceasing of individual work contracts, and regarding the clauses of individual work contracts (confidentiality, non-compete, mobility);
  • Assistance of natural persons and of legal entities in front of the Rumanian competent authorities in labor law;
  • Assistance and representation during work litigations in front of the Courts;
  • Assistance and representation in litigations concerning the repairing of damages suffered by the employee, repairing of damages suffered by the employer;
  • Assistance and representation in litigations regarding the liability of the employees in the violation of the clauses of the work contract;
  • Assistance and representation in the formulating of legal contests against the decisions of dismissal of the employees and against the decisions of applying disciplinary sanctions.

Civil Law:

– in the matter of Estate Law:

  • Actions of ejectment;
  • Boundary actions;
  • Disclaim actions;
  • Claiming actions;
  • Tabular actions;
  • Inductions;
  • Action for declaration of ownership (Usucapions);
  • Dispossession for the cause of public utility.

– in matters of inheritance:

  • Defending the rights of the successors;
  • Legal proceedings in hereditary petitions;
  • Legal proceeding regarding hereditary shares;
  • Legal proceeding in hereditary reductions;
  • Legal proceedings regarding hereditary fallbacks;
  • Suits against the preserving measures of the hereditary legacy taken in the course of the notary hereditary proceedings;
  • Actions of annulment (regarding the hereditary certificates, certificates for the hereditary vacancy, hereditary abandonment, testament);
  • Claiming actions;
  • Actions of reinstitution in the term in which the inheritance can be accepted;
  • Legal proceeding based on the guarantee obligations for the division of the inheritance;
  • Legal proceedings regarding the administration of goods in the time of hereditary indivision;
  • Actions regarding the renditions of the legacies;
  • Actions of the creditors (of those who have mortgages and of others) who have claims regarding the inheritance.

– in the matter of contracts and civil obligations:

  • Sales contracts;
  • Exchange contracts;
  • Contracts regarding donations;
  • Tenement agreements;
  • Loaning agreements;
  • Contracts for free leasing;
  • Contract regarding life-long annuity;
  • Maintenance contracts;
  • Deposit contract;
  • Contract of mandate;
  • Transactions;
  • Accords regarding works contracted out;
  • Legal proceedings regarding civil liability and for misdemeanors.

– Family Law:

  • Divorce;
  • Annulment of marriage;
  • Actions for establishing and modifying of alimony and of maintenance obligations;
  • Keeping and abandoning the name attained by marriage;
  • Legal proceeding regarding the share of the communal goods (share of the communal goods during the time of the marriage or after the divorce);
  • Legal proceedings regarding the exercise of parental authority regarding the minor children;
  • Actions regarding the establishing and modifying of the visitation program;
  • Amendment, modification, completion, annulment of acts regarding civil status;
  • Establishment and annulment of fatherhood;
  • Modifications of the taken measures regarding the domicile of the minors, regress of the minors from those who hold them unrightfully, compliance for the children to take their fathers’ names, right of the parents to have personal relations with their minor children;
  • Reinstatement of the spouse into the domicile from which he/she was banished, evacuation of the disorderly spouse;
  • Decay of the parent out of the parental rights, temporary share of the use of the communal domicile, restitution of personal goods.

Formulating of complaints and supporting the claims in front the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights).